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5 Different ways x-rays can be used

5 Different ways x-rays can be used X-rays and other imaging technologies allow the diagnosis of a huge number of conditions that would be much more difficult without the use of X-rays. Without the invention of X-rays, a guessing game would be played by physicians in differentiating between simple conditions such as a toothache to […]

Unique Facts about the human body

1. Nobody can tickle themselves. 2. Everyone has their own distinctive smell. 3. Your heart sits on the left side of your body. Therefore, there is less room on the left side of your body for your lungs and so your left lung is smaller.  4. Philtrum- the space between your upper lip and nose. […]

Late Night Chiropractic Appointments

LATE NIGHT CHIROPRACTIC APPOINTMENTS 7 DAYS A WEEK! Yes you heard that right, we are offering late night chiropractic call outs every day of the week. The team at Wellbeing Chiropractic understand that people’s work hours are not all 9-5 everyday, and you shouldn’t miss out on a chiropractic appointment because of this. We also […]

The Posture Pole

The ‘posture pole’ is an Australian designed product focus on reducing muscle tension along the spine. How does one use the posture pole? With an in-built texture pad at the top to rest your head on, lie vertically along the pole with your hip and knees bent in a sit-up position and both arms resting […]

Should You Be Using A Kneeling Chair @ Work?

Using kneeling chairs in the workplace There’s so many chairs available in the marketplace, it can be seriously difficult and confusing to determine what chair is suitable for you. I remember watching my younger brother play basketball as a junior, and one of the parents would bring a kneeling chair and sit on the sidelines. […]

Walk More For Great Health Benefits

Reading the newspapers and magazines, watching the news and television, everyday there seems to be a new health crazes or fad being advertised. Eat this; do that, 7 minute abs, all different types of marketing for the health and fitness scene. I fully support new research and ways to improve our health and wellbeing 100% […]

What is the Chiropractor clicking sound?

As a Chiropractor this is one of the most common questions I am asked. Firstly you crack eggs, not spines. Chiropractors are university qualified, government regulated, primary health care practitioners highly trained in diagnosing neuro, orthopaedic and mechanical conditions of the spine and body. What is that cracking sound? In between each of the joints […]

Some Simple Tips To Become More Flexible!

Many of us spend far too much time sitting or generally being inactive. This as well as other common factors can lead to feeling tight and inflexible. Here you will learn 4 simple tips to help improve flexibility that you can begin using straight away! Change up your stretching routine! Don’t just do the same […]

Neck Curve & Dennerolls

In today’s society many people work in office jobs, administration and computers. This involves long hours working in front of a computer or ipad, laptop, smartphone and also not to mention commuting to and from work in a sitting posture. When we sit over time our head and neck move forward over the course of […]

What Is That Popping Noise?

During the day, we may feel the need to get up, move around and then, crack our neck, back or even knuckles. So what is that popping noise? Throughout the body joints are covered in a synovial fluid that acts as a lubricant. Inside this fluid, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are found. When a […]

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