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Benefits for working at Wellbeing

We offer many benefits for our employees from bonuses to training and active support. We make a serious commitment to ensuring our staff has everything they need to performance and achieve success.

Listed below is even more of the benefits we provide (but not all of them):

  • Generous bonus structure
  • Future partnership/buy-in options
  • Join a team of over 30 chiropractors
  • Weekly team training meetings
  • Regular group training
  • Support staff including Chiropractic Assistants and Technical support
  • Holiday Pay, superannuation, sick leave and other benefits
  • Full back office support
  • Ongoing mentoring from industry leaders
  • New state of the art equipment to mix traditional Chiropractic with new techniques
  • Fully outfitted Chirorpractic Clinics with Activator, Arthostim massage machines, Spinal decompression, Drop Piece tables and more
  • Use of Cliniko software with templates making note taking a a breeze


Chiropractic Assistant Sydney (Various Locations) LEARN MORE

We are always on the look out for great Chiropractic Assistants (CA's) for our 6+ locations across Sydney. 

Refer to our locations page for specific details https://www.wellbeing365.com.au/nsw-locations 

What Is a Chiropractic Assistant? 

Chiropractic Assistants or CA’s are critical members of our chiropractic practices. They ensure the practice runs smoothly and are crucial in helping patients feel supported, cared-for and satisfied with the overall service. 

What Does a Chiropractic Assistant Do? 

While a CA doesn’t diagnose or provide treatment to patients, they are involved in many other aspects of patient care. CA’s work with patients in routine functions such as running the reception desk, answering inquiries, phones, communicating with patients about their chiropractic care, scheduling appointments, taking payments, filling out intake forms, providing educational materials to patients and supporting the practitioners. 

We offer casual, full time and part time roles. 

Interested to learn more? 

Send an Email with your CV attached to careers@wellbeing365.com.au subject title “Chiropractic Assistant Role" 

Area Manager Sydney (North West) LEARN MORE

Seeking an Area Manager to support and manage a group of our Chiropractic practices predominantly in the north-west suburbs of Sydney (Other area manager positions available.)  

Your central office will be based in Kellyville. 

You will be responsible for ensuring the practices are being operated according to our protocals and best practices.   

This role will involve working from a central practice; however some travelling to other practices locations will be expected.  

Duties will include: supporting training of new & existing staff, monitoring and enhancing team performance, ensuring facilities are well presented and practices are well run so patient care is optimized.  

A specific and detailed position description will be provided to suitable applicants. 

Interested? email careers@wellbeing365.com.au today 

Chiropractic Internship Sydney (Various Locations) LEARN MORE

Are you a Chiropractic student interested in doing your clinical placement at a well-established Chiropractic practice in Sydney, NSW? 

If your answer is “yes”, we have a large team of experienced Chiropractors eager to share their knowledge and skills to the next generation of chiropractors. 

We are always on the look out to help young Chiropractors learn and develop professionally... and ultimately see our profession thrive! 

What Is a Chiropractic Clinical Placement? 

Many Chiropractic Colleges and Universities require their final year students to gain clinical field experience. This is sometimes referred as “clinical placement”, “internship” or “MPIL”; and is essentially a stage in your training where you learn valuable skills and insight through working in real life private practice, with registered Chiropractors. 

At Wellbeing Chiropractic, over the past decade we have successfully hosted dozens of students in their final year during their clinical placement. We have a structured internship program, that has been carefully designed to give final year students further insight to private practice. We guide students through a series of learning activities, tasks, case studies and assessments so they can gain valuable skills and know how. 

The duration of the clinical placements varies between Universities, but typically runs over an 8-20-week period. Typically students attend the practice from a minimum of 2-4 shifts per week to 8-10 shifts per week. 

Want to learn more? 

Send an Email with details of what you are seek, along with your CV attached to careers@wellbeing365.com.au subject title ”Chiropractic Clinical Placement" 

Student Observations Sydney, Various Locations LEARN MORE

Are you a Chiropractic student seeking to observe a registered chiropractor in-action in private practice in or around Sydney? 

If your answer is “yes”, we have a large team of experienced chiropractors happy to share their knowledge and skills to chiropractic students in their undergraduate training. 

What Is a Chiropractic Observation? 

It is when a registered chiropractor allows a chiropractic student to follows them in practice for a shift or day. It is an opportunity for the student to ask questions and watch an experienced practitioner “in action” applying their skills in a clinical setting on real patients. 

Through this experience, chiropractic students will learn valuable skills and gain a deeper insight intowhat they can expect when they graduate. 

At Wellbeing Chiropractic, over the past decade we have successfully hosted hundred of Chiropractic students and allowed them to observe at our 50+ practice locations around Australia. We structure the observations to maximize the experience for the student. 

The duration of these observations is typically half-full day. We encourage students to observe different chiropractors within our group so they can witness first hand how different practitioners apply their knowledge and skills. 

Want to learn more? 

Send an Email with details of what you are seek, along with your CV attached to careers@wellbeing365.com.au subject title “Chiropractic Observation" 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be my main responsibilities?

Once fully trained by our team of chiropractic trainers and support staff, you will be managing patient cases and will be responsible for your own patients. You will be performing detailed patient history, physical assessments (nerve, muscle, joint and posture), when clinically indicated you will be taking x-rays. You will liase with radiographers and radiologists. You will be providing recommendations, scheduling, exercises and lifestyle advice.   

You will be trained to communicate effectively with patients from a variety of ages, backgrounds and understanding about their health.

You will also be given extensive training on how to be professional and efficient in clinic, yet caring and understanding at the same time.

What are the education requirements?

You will have graduated from University with a bachelor of Chiropractic Science or a Masters in Chiropractic Science.  You will be required to be a board certified and registered Chiropractor who has met and continuously undertake CPD (Continuing education), first aid and professional requirements.

It is a legal requirement to be currently licensed to deliver chiropractic care in Australia. A current professional indemnity insurance policy is a requirement. Our team can assist you arrange a competitive insurance policy if needed.

We provide ongoing training relating to goal setting (personal and professional) 

We focus on research-based chiropractic care based model of practice, treating predominately musculo-skeletal conditions including: low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, disc injuries and headaches.

What should be my pay and remuneration expectations?

As a chiropractor you will be an employee of the clinic and in turn receive the following:

1.  A base salary in line with the national award.

2. A competitive commission based on patient numbers, performance and billings.

3. 4-weeks paid holidays per year, superannuation, sick leave cover and long service leave entitlements.

Our average full time associate earns more than $150,000 per year.

How To Apply?

Click on the "learn more" button or enter your details on the "Expressions of interest" form. If you are still not sure or have questions, feel free to give Madison Cooper (HR Manager), a call on 5940-4760

What are the typical working week hours?

We have a variety of part time and full time roles available across different locations.

Our clinics typically have 1, 2 or 3 chiropractors working at them across a variety of times. Our standard clinics are open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 8-1pm. Chiropractors shifts are typically mid week 10am-1pm and 3-7pm; weekends are 9-12pm Sat.

Where can I park my car?

Majority of our clinics have off-street parking for staff and patients

Expressions of Interest

If you think you have what it takes to join our growing team, please use the form below.


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