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Our Officer Team

Our team of Officer chiropractors are trusted by the local community for providing high quality manual chiropractic care. Our chiropractors share many years of clinical experience providing quality research-based treatments, rehabilitation and recommendations. We are available 6 days of the week, with same-day appointments available, late-evenings, and after hour appointments for your convenience.


Our chiropractors provide experienced, research-based chiropractic care to the residents of Officer and it’s surrounding suburbs. Our chiropractors have special interests in a range of musculoskeletal conditions from neck and back pain, sporting and workplace injuries; to providing advice on posture or proactive measures to avoid future injuries. 

Our clinic has up-to-date facilities, our reception staff are trained to provide excellent customer service and our experienced chiropractors are ready to help you today. We offer same day appointments with minimal wait times, and have a secure online booking system to make things as smooth as possible for our patients.  

Our Officer Chiropractic team is located at 2/437 Princes Highway, Officer, in downtown Officer and is easily accessible from the Princes Highway and is a convenient 12-min bus ride from Berwick train station. Our Officer Chiropractic team is located just a 9 minute drive from Fountain Gate shopping center, and are the preferred practitioners of many people in the inner Eastern suburbs including residents of Narre Warren, Officer and Guys Hill.


Chiropractor Officer

About Wellbeing Chiropractic Officer

The Wellbeing Chiropractic group, has over 40+ clinics across Melbourne and more than 50+ practitioners, and prides itself as being available” for its patients 7 days a week. When you call our Officer phone number, we guarantee you will be able to find you an appointment, within the group.

Our practice is currently located at 40 Princes Highway, Officer. Our facilities are modern and include modern equipment such as OMNI chiropractic tables, posture scanning technology, electric arthrostim adjusting instruments, as well as a range of the traditional chiropractic tools.

Our chiropractic team consists of experienced chiropractors.  Dr Conrad H (Chiropractor) who is a graduate of the Macquarie University chiropractic program.  He is experienced seeing patients with a range of musculoskeletal injuries having previously practiced alongside sporting clubs and athletes.  In addition, we have Dr Ethan M who is a local to the Cranbourne area, who has special interests in treating patients with chronic pain conditions such as lumbar facet syndrome, migraine headaches and chronic back pain due to postural strain.  Both Dr Danny N and Dr Josh T (Chiropractors) are both graduates of the RMIT University program, and are experienced in managing a range of musculo-skeletal conditions such as joint and muscle pain, mechanical back and neck pain.

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    Why Choose Conrad

    Why you should choose our Officer Chiropractors

    • Wellbeing clinics have appointments available 6 days a week
    • We can offer you appointment times: Monday-Friday 10am-7pm or Sat 9am-1pm
    • We offer an after-hours emergency service Monday to Sunday
    • Over 50 allied health professionals work within the Wellbeing group
    • Wellbeing Chiropractic has been delivering successful health care treatments for over 10 years and is trusted by the local community
    • We offer traditional manual chiropractic treatment as well as more modern techniques including spinal decompression therapy
    • Wellbeing has a structured mentoring programme to encourage internal development and skill sharing
    • All our chiropractors are licensed professionals who continue to attend professional education, training and workshops
    • All Wellbeing Chiropractors at all of our neighbouring clinics can offer you the same level of care and service; and you will be welcomed like a regular patient (not made to fill out new patient forms at each site)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chiropractors see people with back and neck pain; joint stiffness and muscle tension. They use spinal adjustment and massage techniques.

    A Sports Chiropractor is a practitioner who has interests in seeing athletes for their musculo-skeletal injuries and health. Sports Chiropractors use a range of spinal adjustments, soft tissue, exercise prescription and taping techniques to manage their patients.

    A family chiropractor sees various kinds of patients for a range of conditions including back and neck pain. Family Chiropractors see all ages and types of patient, from the youth to the elderly.

    Yes. This means they can stay open like medical centers.

    The Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) is a body representing a large portion of the Chiropractic profession.

    Most likely, Wellbeing Chiropractic has clinics all across the greater Melbourne area meaning we’re bound to have a clinic nearby. For more information on our clinics click here.

    Sciatica Treatment

    10 Facts About Chiropractic

    • Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners – meaning they can be the first contact a person can make when they have a health problem
    • You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor
    • Chiropractors have a particular interest in the spine and the nervous system
    • All chiropractors must complete a minimum of 5 years tertiary study which includes anatomy, neurology and physiology
    • Chiropractic is offered at several universities around Australia including – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Macquarie University, Murdoch University and Central Queensland University (CQU)
    • chiropractors are also required to continue formal education, or continue professional development (25hr per year) to maintain access to the latest evidence based techniques for diagnosis, treatment and management


    • Using their knowledge and specific orthopaedic examinations, Chiropractors can help diagnose and manage certain spinal and musculoskeletal conditions
    • Practising Australian Chiropractors must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which also govern medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists
    • Chiropractors may use a number of treatment modalities to help manage a diagnosis – they include soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises and spinal adjustments


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    About Officer:

    • Located 54km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD)
    • Officer’s population is approximately 7133 according to the 2016 census
    • Officer has been the council seat of the shire since 2014
    • Officer has eleven different schools in its area
    • Officer’s ROC Football Club last won the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League back in 2002
    • Officer’s own railway station first opened back in 1881 on the 4th of August
    • Major shopping centers in and around Officer are the Arena Shopping Center and the Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Center
    • Richmond Tigers veteran Greg Tivendale grew up in Officer
    • Previously Officer was part of the shire of Pakenham
    • Officer’s postcode is 3809

    Chiropractic facts:

    • Largest allied health  profession in USA
    • As of March 2019 there are currently 5,528 chiropractors in Australia, compared to about 70,000 in the USA
    • First chiropractic adjustment was done by Daniel David Palmer in 1895 for partial deaf janitor Harvey Lillard.
    • Chiro means ‘Hands’ in Greek. Chiropractor are using hands to examine the patient and fine ‘spinal dysfunction’ and to treat musculoskeletal conditions.
    • You don’t need a referral from GP to see a chiropractor as they are primary contact practitioner.
    • To become a chiropractor you need to complete a 5 years university course  focusing on body and nerve functioning.
    • Spinal manipulation is the major skill the chiropractor use for acute and chronic low back pain.
    • Chiropractors often use Exercise as part of their management of patient complaints
    • Chiropractors are most well known for conditions involving the low back and neck, however they’re taught to assess and diagnose a wide variety of syndromes and conditions.
    • Chiropractors work alongside other practitioners such as physiotherapist, yoga, pilates, remedial massage
    • Chiropractor can give you advice for a healthier lifestyle and how to maintain the healthy life.
    • Initial chiropractic consultation will include any relevant medical history, physical examination such as orthopedic tests, range of motion and palpation accordingly and chiropractor will perform the spinal manipulation if there is no medical contraindication and if this form of treatment is indicated.
    • Most private insurance will cover chiropractic treatment in Australia such as Bupa, Medibank etc.

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