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Follow our easy 5-step process to partially cover your chiropractic Medicare treatment.

Step 1

Download the bulk bill chiropractic Information Letter

Step 2

Book an appointment with a Medical Doctor/General Practitioner (GP)

Step 3

Show General Practitioner information letter above and request chiropractic treatment

Step 4

GP will either fax us or give you a referral letter

Step 5

Make an appointment at one of our practices across Melbourne

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS Chronic Disease Management (CDM) PLAN?

To be eligible for the Chronic Disease Management Plan and the 5 visits covered by Medicare Rebate you must be referred by a General Practitioner (GP) to see a Chiropractor. To be eligible for this plan must be suffering from a chronic condition (a condition that has occurred for a period of 6 months or greater) or have numerous health issues.

Can Chiropractic care be claimed on medicare? The short answer is, YES! Up to 5 Chiropractic visits per calendar year can be partially claimed under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan (formerly known as EPC Plan)

Health issues can include:

*Note that these conditions cannot be treated by chiropractors*

The GP must fill out medicare forms 721 and 723. We will also require a copy of this also. The process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

(Chiropractors charge a gap on Medicare rebates as it only covers approx $53.80 of the appointment, this gap is usually no more than $11.20.)

I’ve been accepted for my plan, how do I get my 5 visits?

Easy, once we have all required documents give us a call on 1300 123 365 and we can book your appointment today. We have same day appointments available Monday-Saturday, with early mornings and late evening appointments available.

The rest is up to us, we put all the payment through our HICAPS machine so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Can I use my 5 Medicare visits before they are accepted?

NO. You can only claim for visits after you have met with your GP and the process is accepted, unfortunately you are not allowed to claim retrospectively.

If any questions regarding this, talk to one of our chiropractors on 1300 123 365

Can I have more than 5 EPC visits per year?

For now, 5 is the limit. This resets each calendar year, so as long as your GP will keep referring you, you will keep receiving the 5 visits partially paid by medicare each year.

If your 5 visits aren’t used each calendar year you forfeit them!

I don’t know what to say to my GP, can you help me?

Yes, we can. One of our Chiropractors can meet with you and write a letter recommending you receive the 5 visits on the EPC Plan for you to hand to your GP. Your GP has the final say whether you are eligible for the Medical Rebate for Chiropractic Medicare Appointments.

(Dr Adam (chiropractor) assessing a patients neck)

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