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Your mum might have told you to stand up straight as a kid so you don’t ruin your back, good posture is very important for your spinal health. The way you sit in a chair, stand or walk is a big part of what affects your spine and your health. It can be hard to fix bad posture, especially when you’re not aware of it. A chiropractor may help you with fixing bad posture by finding the underlying causes and help train your posture through various methods.

Why good posture is so important

Posture can have an immediate effect on your appearance; standing taller, looking healthier, and showing more confidence. There are also less visible benefits that you may experience with good posture, such as:


How do you know if your posture is bad?

People with poor posture tend to have arched or ‘hunched’ shoulders, a rounded upper back, and an arched lower back. You also might notice back pain. There are a lot of reasons you might have poor posture; stress, weight gain, previous injuries, low confidence or wearing heavy backpacks. In most cases, posture may be fixed by a chiropractor and might help people regain their posture.

How can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

Good posture is often called a “neutral spine” and may help you avoid back pain and injury. Whether you are experiencing back/shoulder pain or want to fix poor posture, a chiropractor could be your best option. Some ways a chiropractor may help you fix bad posture are:

Manual Adjustments

A chiropractor will focus on making adjustments to your shoulders and back, including slow joint movements to get you into the best position for good posture.

Examine your posture

The chiropractor will take a look at your posture during an initial assessment and may help identify the root cause of your poor posture. This examination will help figure out what is wrong and what treatment should be recommended and performed. Once your chiropractor knows what’s wrong with your posture, they may start treating it otherwise they will refer you to the appropriate health professional. The assessment on how you stand taking note of things like uneven shoulders, arched back, twisted pelvis, or other issues.

Stretches and Rehab

Increasing strength in your muscles will only work if you can reduce the tension that is causing poor posture. With deliberate exercises, stretches, and muscle relaxation, your chiropractor will try to give your overactive muscles a break. This can ease tension that causes bad posture, it may also allow your weaker muscles to grow stronger.

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