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Pre-Payment Appointments

Our goal at Wellbeing Chiropractic, is to make quality healthcare services more accessible and affordable for all. With this in mind, we offer pre-payment for regular appointments, for patients who might need several visits to recover and best rehabilitate. This is available across all types of consultations, services and treatments.

As the name suggests, this entails paying upfront for your appointments. You can buy 12 visits or as prescribed by your Chiropractor. This appointment credit can be shared and used by other family members if you elect.

Advantages of Opting for Pre-Payment Appointments

Patients who wish to pay for a block of appointments can get the benefit of reduced fees, faster check out and in many cases no need to check back in reception after their appointment.

Key Benefits of Pre-Payment Appointments:

  • Discounted Fees
  • Faster Appointment Booking
  • No check out time post appointment
  • No Hassle of Paying Each Time
  • Option to Claim Health Insurance Rebates (in blocks of 6 appointments after the treatments have been provided)
Wellbeing Chiropractors -available 7 days a week
Standard Appointment
Traction Appointment
Standard Appointment $85 $65*
Traction Appointment $95 $80*
*Applicable fees for a block of 12 pre-paid appointments

Please note, pre-payment appointments cannot be used by new patients who are visiting the clinic for the first time.

$77 Special Offer For New Patients!

For our new patients booking online, we have a special offer for you take advantage of. If you want to learn more about how you can get a reduced price on your first visit with us then follow this link or click on the Special Offer Button to the right.

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