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Are you eligible to claim TAC? We CHARGE NO-GAP

Anyone can claim with TAC if a person has been apart of an accident involving a car, motorbike, train, bus or tram
And: the person involved is injured or dies due to this accident.

Pedestrians are also covered if involved in an accident caused by the driving one of these aforementioned transport options.

How to Lodge a Claim

A claim must be lodged  within 12 months of the accident you are involved in, or the date the injury caused by the accident becomes evident

All cases must be reported to the police to be able to lodge a claim. If the police did not attend the scene then you must report it first before lodging.

Once your claim has been lodged the rest is up to us. We will do all the dirty work in processing your claim payments and deal with TAC directly. All you need to do is come to your appointment and get on the path to recovery!

It’s also a good idea to notify a lawyer you are dealing with TAC. We have a strong working relations with Zaparas Lawyers who often assist us with TAC claims whether it be reactivating or continuing a claim.


1 – Full Name

2 – Date of Birth

3 – TAC claim number

4 – Date of accident

5* – If you have a letter saying TAC is approved this is helpful but not always essential

If you have any queries on TAC please email adam@wellbeing365.com.au 

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