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Dr. Vasilios Katsakis

From 30th Dec ’23 – Dr Vasilios is no longer practicing at Mernda & encourages all patients to see Dr Brayden or Dr Harrison.  

Vasili has special interests in using traditional and modern chiropractic techniques for patients with musculo-skeletal injuries and issues. His management intially focuses on achieving pain relief, then functional improvement; and ultimately overall enhancement of patient wellbeing.

Vasili is a driven and caring chiropractor who graduated from the prestigious chiropractic program RMIT University.

Vasili first started his chiropractic journey when he was a teenager. He was playing competition state-level tennis.  After suffering a knee injury, he found that out of the many modalities he tried, chiropractic was the profession that gave him the best outcome in both treatment and rehabilitation. After seeing the chiropractor a few times, Vasili was able to continue playing tennis with no trouble and from that point found the inspiration to become a chiropractor himself.
Growing up in a Greek family in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Vasili has a cultural awareness that has been prominent when treating people from all walks of life. Vasili is fluent in both the English and Greek languages.
On his days away from the practice, Vasili enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing sports, going for swims, weightlifting and studies mixed martial arts.
Along with attaining previous clinical experience in Bundoora and Epping, Vasili has a particular interest in injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and neurological musculo-skeletal conditions.
He is a registered member of the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA) and Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA).

Vasili is devoted to delivering the best quality of treatment to his patients and enriching the lives of Australians through chiropractic care.

Vasili is available full-time from our Wollert and Mernda clinic. 

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