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Whether you are an athlete or someone who hits the gym regularly, muscles and joints tend to get tense after repetitive, strenuous physical activity. Although pain and soreness in the body are common after a workout or rigorous training, a sports massage can help to ease and relieve discomfort. A sports massage from a chiro can help to loosen up your tight muscles by encouraging blood flow to tense areas. A sports massage by a chiropractor often involves a deep-tissue massage which aims to release muscle tension, bring back mobility to rigid muscles, ease pain by improving blood circulation. Sports massage by a chiro can be beneficial for anyone, not only athletes. On a day-to-day basis, we perform many activities that can strain certain areas of your body. From a pulled muscle in your neck, to lower back pain – a sports massage can elevate everyday muscle stress and tension.

Five reasons you should get a sports massage

1. Improves athletic performance Sports massage can help enhance athletic performance. The massage technique used warms up the muscles and improves blood circulation which makes them less prone to injury. This is why several athletes and sports professionals opt for a sports massage by a chiropractor before a big game or high-intensity workout session. 2. Reduces recovery time Sports massage is known for being extremely effective in reducing muscle recovery time. The massage techniques speed up the healing process, minimise discomfort, pain and help you reduce downtime from your physical activity. Muscle injuries often keep athletes off the field for a prolonged time but with sports massage, this can be avoided. 3. Helps improve sleep quality Sleep is crucial factor for everyone, including athletes and other sports professionals. Sports massage by a chiropractor can help you achieve better quality sleep indirectly through relaxing your muscles and reducing aches and pains which in turn may have been impacting your sleep quality. When the muscles are tense, it often disrupts the sleep cycle. With the help of sports massage, your muscles can relax and encourage a sense of calmness that leads to a better quality sleep. 4. Helps decrease soreness Ever missed a big game, or even a day of work due to muscle soreness? The flow on effects of muscle tension can have a huge impact on your day and your schedule. Sports massage helps decrease muscle soreness and improve muscle mobility, helping you get back on the field or to that important work meeting. 5. Psychological benefits Apart from physical benefits, sports massage also provides several psychological advantages. Sports massage by a chiropractor can help reduce anxiety, induce relaxation and decrease stress. This can have a positive impact on one’s athletic performance and gives your body and mind the time to relax. Wellbeing offers Sports massage along with a variety of other massage forms to target specific problem areas. As we all know, different sports activities put a strain on a different set of muscles, our chiropractors make sure to guide you through the sport massage techniques every step of the way. For more information or to book an appointment call (03) 9020 7343 or book online here