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Brain fog may be caused by falls, concussions, whiplash, or even COVID-19. Brain fog can be described as confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus, and overall low mental clarity. Just below the bottom of the skull is the atlas bone, which is the first bone of the spine. This bone is very important because it is where the spinal cord stems off from the brain and starts essentially every nerve of the body. The atlas bone is also neighbours with the major vessels that supply the brain with blood and spinal fluid. These fluids are important to keep your brain running smoothly and efficiently. If the atlas shifts away from its proper position, there may be inflammation in your upper neck and related structures. If left untreated, may lead to chronic symptoms of brain fog such as headaches, irritability and neck and head discomfort. Our chiropractors may be able to keep the atlas bone in alignment and treat patients with symptoms of a misaligned atlas bone. If you feel you are experiencing neck pain and/or headaches consider consulting one of our chiros.