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Y-Strap Adjustments

The Y-Axis traction strap is a device that fits around the base of the skull and chin which allows for the neck to be stretched and the Chiropractor creating a pulling type lever.

The Y-axis strap is used when the patient is lying on their back allowing for application of the device. Chin straps that are 22” in length are suitable for most patients however longer lengths are available if a patient requires a larger one.

Y-Strap Adjustments Vs Using Y-Strap a pre-adjustive stretch?

The Y-Axis Traction strap is used to stretch the neck by putting a long-axis stretch/movement (distraction force) through the spinal joints associated ligaments and muscles.   

Whether distracting the head and neck region using a Y-strap, towel or the practitioners hands – we recommend all movements should be slow and delivered in a controlled-manner.  Occasionally, the joints of the spine may “pop” or cavitate when being stretched.

Spinal adjustments and stretching can be used as a management tool for mechanical neck pain, stiffness and tension. If you do not have symptoms it is not recommended you have spinal adjustments or stretching.

Alternatives to the Y-Strap Technique?

Mechanical Cervical or Neck Distraction:  

This technique uses a spinal decompression table. The table is an electronically-controlled device; and the technique is performed with the patient  lying on their back; and having a cradle under the base of the patient’s skull  and a strap around the forehead. A typical session on this table last 10-15mins and usually involves 10-20kg force. The aim of this machine is to stretch the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments of the spine.

Mechanical Cervical Traction:

Is where the chiropractor hold the patient’s neck and head in their hands and applies a cephalad distractive force. Rhythmic stages of distraction and resting is often applied; with these stages usually lasting 10-20 seconds each

Towel Traction Therapy:

This method involves the practitioner placing a towel around the base of the patient’s skull (patient on their back) and stretching in a cephalad direction (toward the head or anterior end of the body) and holding this stretch for a period (normally 10-60 seconds) and then repeating as indicated.

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What is Chiropractic?

  • Chiropractic was founded by D.D Palmer over 120 years ago
  • May involve full spine adjustments
  • 4 Universities in Australia currently offer Chiropractic as a degree/masters
  • There are over 5,000 registered Chiropractors in Australia
  • Chiropractors study clinical science and Chiropractic studies
  • 5 years of university training is required to become a Chiropractor in Australia
  • Among the largest allied health profession in the world

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Our verdict about the Y-Strap Adjustment?

Our Chiropractors may use the Y-strap as a traction tool rather than an adjustment in itself. This is often followed by a neck adjustment which may involve “cracking”. Our Chiropractors may also use manual traction with their hands, a towel or a spinal traction table followed by a manual adjustment or spinal manipulation such as Diversified adjustment.

We do not recommend or perform any sudden “yanking” or pulling movements whilst using the Y-strap as some videos have shown on YouTube.

Potential Risks Associated with Manual therapy

Y-Strap stretching, spinal manipulation and spinal adjustments have the following risks: Mild discomfort, Muscle/joint soreness, ligament sprain/strain and/or muscle tightness,  Transient discomfort/soreness/stiffness in the neck, back or lower extremities,  Light headed, Dizziness, Flushed feeling, Fatigue, Headache, Increase in current symptoms, Falling from treatment table, Injury to shoulder,  Cauda equina syndrome, Stroke (Figures suggest 1 chance in 2 million) and/or neurologic impairment, Spinal/bone fractures, Injuries to the spinal discs or worsening of symptoms of disc herniation.

About Wellbeing?

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