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Unsure whether you should purchase a new mattress or persist with your current one? Today we examine the top 7 signs it’s time to upgrade your mattress.

Poor quality sleep
A very common sign of needing to upgrade your mattress, is if you or your partner are having poor quality. A new mattress is more supportive and can absorb more pressure being weight and movement. Once your mattress has passed its expiry date, it does not have the same capabilities as once before. It may cause you and your partner to experience problems that you didn’t have when the mattress was new. This can directly influence the quality of your sleep, and science has shown us how important good quality sleep is in regards to health and overall wellbeing.

You can’t remember when you first bought your mattress
If you cannot remember when you first bought your mattress and it has been over 10 years, then it is advised to start shopping around for a new one. Mattresses nowadays have a life expectancy of around 10 years and around 15 years for a top quality one. Health professionals do not recommend having a mattress for more than 10 years, latest research from the Sleep Council advise that you should be changing your mattress every 8 years. If you think it may have been over 8 years since last purchasing your mattress, start shopping for a new one.

Your mattress has taken a beating
Very much like your couch, your mattress can take a beating and endure wear and tear over time. It is not only the place you sleep and rest, it may also be used as a trampoline, support more than 2 people on it per time, used as exercise equipment, eating, playing and much more. Like any piece of furniture, the more you use it over time, then it will experience wear and tear and it may need replacement sooner than later. The more usage, the earlier it needs replacing. Check your mattress every time you change your bedding to assess when you think you may need to upgrade.

You’re waking up stiff and sore
If you are waking up stiff and sore every morning with aches and pains, start looking for a new mattress. Waking up with aches and pains, stiff and sore from sleep is not normal and it is the most common sign that you may need to change your mattress. Mattresses lose their supportive quality over time, especially when you share the bed, your mattress is working twice as hard to support your combined body weight. If you find more relief in hotel beds or couches this may also be an indicator that it is time to start shopping for a new mattress.

Your mattress looks worn out
Just like any other piece of furniture, your bed is prone to wear and tear from use over the years. A common sign of mattress wear is if you notice sagging either in the centre or at either ends of the mattress.  A sagging mattress has no support thus will not give you the best sleep possible. People advise to flip your mattress every so often, however, you can only flip so many times, and now some newer mattresses are not designed to be flipped. Stop being in denial and start looking for a new mattress. Also a noisy mattress is another sign of wear and tear, if you and your partner are sharing the bed for the first time, it is not a good look to have a noisy, squeaky mattress when you go to bed.

Your mattress is not adapting to your body’s changes
Overtime our bodies change, we can get bigger or smaller, lighter or heavier. You may have bought your mattress first and you preferred it to be firm rather than soft, or you bought it only for one person and now you share the bed. There are many different factors which can contribute, however if you body changes, your mattress won’t necessarily change. The older generation a more inclined in sleeping on a hard firm mattress, and some cultures prefer this also. Younger people tend to favour soft, pillow top style mattresses. Whatever your preference make sure you buy the right bed for your correct circumstance. Your body will change, so why not change your mattress too.

Older mattresses can become unhygienic
Like other types of furniture, over time your mattress can become unhealthy and a breeding ground for bed bugs, bacteria and other types of nasty household bugs. People can start to become allergic to their bed if there is an accumulation of dust and germs. Bed bugs are number one on the list of bad things to have in you bed. They are relentless and do not let you sleep one wink. Even if you wash and change your sheets regularly, your mattress is still susceptible to bed bugs and the like. The best solution if you are unfortunate enough to experience bed bugs, is to throw away the old mattress and buy a new one, problem solved.

Studies have shown that we spend 1/3rd of our life in bed sleeping, our beds are a very important part of our home and when it is time to upgrade, welcome the change.