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Does Posture Play a Role in Back Pain
It’s not uncommon for people to experience back or neck pain at some point in their life, whatever the cause may be. Most back or neck pain is built up over long periods of time from poor sleeping, sitting, or standing posture.

Having a poor posture for various activities of daily living can put unwanted stress on muscles, joints, and nerves. If not given any attention, such pressure from poor posture can build up and cause weakening.

A few examples are:

• Sitting or standing leaning forward for long periods of time weakens the core muscles, leading to inadequate blood flow to respective areas.
• Incorrect lifting posture can cause discs to bulge, leading to pain in the back or even down limbs.
• Working on a laptop or reading while laying on your stomach can alter the curve of your spine undesirably.

One of the main focuses our chiropractors have is acknowledging and improving posture. Patients may be given stretches and/ or exercises to complete outside of visits to help make long-term positive changes. This, along with regular adjustments, may set patients up to see changes in their posture.