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Modern day busy lifestyles can get in the way of our health and fitness goals and aspirations. When it comes to travelling, we all want to unwind, relax and enjoy ourselves. This can mean coming back to reality with a thud – much heavier than when you left! So, how do create a sustainable regime while travelling to ensure proper maintenance of your health and wellbeing?

Avoid mindless eating/drinking during air travel
Long flights can lead to boredom. We have all been there before, eating or drinking for the sake of it. Consuming far too many calories than our bodies require, leading to weight gain. The key is to eat lightly, perhaps consume a healthy meal before take off while staying properly hydrated. Take your mind off eating and drinking by keeping yourself occupied, whether it be by watching the latest released film, reading or playing games.

Plan ahead when doing tourist tours, escapes and more
Pre-packing healthy snacks while out and about is super important to sticking to your regime. Take fruit and healthy snacks such as nuts. These are also quite filling and will ensure you make it through to your next major meal during the day without purging on unhealthy options.

Avoid all-inclusive breakfast options
Inclusive breakfast options can be great to save some additional money while travelling. Ensuring you don’t have to eat out more than necessary. Quite often these options are filled with unhealthy food including sausages, bacon, croissants and more. A healthy alternative is to stop by a local supermarket or convenience store. Purchase a healthy cereal, yoghurt, muesli, fruit and other options instead.

Walk, walk & more walk
Being on holiday is one of the best opportunities to engage in ‘incidental exercise.’ Instead of taking transport, walk between tourist destinations. You may find by the end of the day you have engaged in an additional few hours of movement and burnt many extra calories than expected.

Don’t get sick!
Travelling can be stressful, and stress can affect our bodies in many ways. Combine this with being around thousands of tourists the potential to spread germs is much higher. The last thing we need while on holiday is to get sick. Natural options such as Vitamin C and D, garlic as well as ginger are fantastic for promoting natural immune system function. Get these in high doses to stay well. We hope you have found these travelling health tips useful and are able to implement these on your next holiday destination. Stay healthy and don’t fall into bad travel habits!