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1. Nobody can tickle themselves.
2. Everyone has their own distinctive smell.
3. Your heart sits on the left side of your body. Therefore, there is less room on the left side of your body for your lungs and so your left lung is smaller. 
4. Philtrum- the space between your upper lip and nose.
5. It takes several weeks to die from hunger whereas death would occur after ten days without sleep.
6. Bacteria and enzymes that line the stomach will turn on you within 3 days of death, and start breaking down your/the host’s body. 
7. Comparison of the human eye to a camera puts it at 500 megapixels
8. When men are asleep, there is a high chance they will have an erection. 
9. At birth, it is known that girls have a superior sense of smell. 
10. When you’re sitting on a plane, your hair grows at twice the speed as normal. 
11. There are no animals that sleep on their back, except us humans, who only do so sometimes. 
12. There are two facial features that do not stop growing until we die, these are the ears and the nose
13. Can you think of anything you could do 20,000 times per day? What if you were already doing it? Breathing!
14. Women find it harder to burn fat than men. Just throughout normal daily activity a man will, on average, burn 50 calories more.