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Should You Be Using A Kneeling Chair @ Work?

Using kneeling chairs in the workplace

There’s so many chairs available in the marketplace, it can be seriously difficult and confusing to determine what chair is suitable for you. I remember watching my younger brother play basketball as a junior, and one of the parents would bring a kneeling chair and sit on the sidelines. At the time I thought this was somewhat strange, but when you consider those wooden box-like rows of seats available it probably wasn’t such a bad idea! Here you will find a review of the pro’s and con’s of kneeling chairs to see if they’re suitable for you.

Kneeling Chairs – The Pro’s

  • Kneeling position allows the hips to remain in an ‘open position’ to encourage proper lower spine alignment and therefore reducing postural strain on the back, neck and shoulders
  • Kneeling chairs may assist reducing muscular and spine pain in particular individuals if fitted properly
  • Kneeling chairs may assist with forward movements

Kneeling Chairs – The Con’s

  • Kneeling chairs can result in higher lower leg pressure and reduced blood flow due to immobility
  • Kneeling chairs can be difficult to get in and out of therefore potentially leading to tripping over, falls or injuries
  • Kneeling chairs should be fitted to the individual prior to purchasing
  • Kneeling chairs cause over-flexing of the knee and ankle joints potentially leading to problems
  • Kneeling chairs limit movement and therefore result in reduced calorie expenditure
  • Kneeling chairs may force unnecessary stress upon the shoulders, elbows and wrists due to forward movement
  • Given the nature of a immobile sitting position, users may need to reconfigure their work station

There are many factors which contribute to normal posture – when selecting a chair users should keep in mind:

  • How the chair helps or hinders their natural posture
  • Presence or absence of pressure points
  • Ability to change positions easily
  • Ability to do the tasks required while sitting