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Knee problems are quite common; in most Western countries nearly 1 in every 3 persons over the age of 45 complain of knee pain or related concerns at some point in their lives. Ageing, injury, obesity, and repeated stress on the knee joints are some of the most common causes of these issues. This has also put the spotlight on knee stretches.

Even young adults are now experiencing knee problems. The primary reason for knee concerns in young adults is a sedentary lifestyle.

Just like defined workouts for different body types, even stretching has now found an important place in most routines. As opposed to popular belief, stretching is not just for athletes and runners! This routine must be a part of your workout regime to enhance the body’s flexibility. Stretching is crucial for the joints because it helps increase overall mobility, thereby reducing the chances of joint pains and muscle damage.

Trained chiropractors can help one get started with knee stretches in Melbourne. When done right and with consistency, these can help reduce the chances of injury and increase muscle blood flow thereby improving the overall knee condition.

While knee stretches might seem simple enough to manage on one’s own, they need careful attention and focus. Make sure you only rely on trained professionals for the same.

Before starting the stretches, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

There is a difference between warmup and stretching

Knee stretches cannot replace warmups and exercises. Simply stretching cold muscles can do more harm than good. Prepare your body for the stretches and then start with the routine. Stretches can be done after a light run or a jog when the muscles are ready and in mobility.

Keep achievable goals when stretching

Everybody has different levels of flexibility, and it is good to be mindful of it. It takes time to achieve the desired level of flexibility because the muscles are still new to the routine. Instead of putting undue pressure on the knee joints and damaging the muscles, take one small step at a time. One cannot directly achieve the flex levels of a gymnast! Consult a reliable chiropractor for knee stretches in Melbourne to ensure that your stretches are in tune with your body capacity.

It is normal to feel the tension in muscles during stretching

Some people try to stretch till they feel pain in their muscles but that is not recommended. Experiencing tension in your joints while stretching is normal because the muscles are going through a pressure that is still alien. However, if you experience pain, it simply means you are putting unnecessary pressure. Stay in a position wherein you do not feel any pain in the muscles while stretching.

Avoid jumping to complex stretches to speed up the process

Remember that knee stretches have to be done with a lot of care and caution. It is always best to start with simple stretches and then gradually move to complex ones. Muscles need time to become flexible and being consistent with simple stretches is the way to go. Also, not everyone has the same pace when it comes to adapting to different knee stretches. Listen to your body!

Keep breathing normally

Stress is never good for knee stretches. Make sure your breathing is normal while you do knee stretches and avoid holding your breath. This will also help you enhance your stretching routine. The less stressed you are the better your body responds to stretches.

Book an appointment with Wellbeing today and start your knee stretching journey with experienced chiropractors. Make sure to communicate your knee problems and provide you with the right advice.