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The Posture Pole

The ‘posture pole’ is an Australian designed product focus on reducing muscle tension along the spine.

How does one use the posture pole? With an in-built texture pad at the top to rest your head on, lie vertically along the pole with your hip and knees bent in a sit-up position and both arms resting by your side with palms facing the ceiling. Simply lie in this resting position for 5-10mins (or as prescribed by your health practitioner) to achieve desired results. See below for an in-depth review.


  • Light-weight and easily storable
  • Softer than typical foam rollers
  • Ability to perform intermediate and advanced core exercises while using the posture pole
  • Durable, made with long-lasting material


  • Cannot be used to specifically target tight muscles/fascia like a foam roller
  • Not recommended during acute traumatic injuries



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